Stanley Law is a boutique law firm situated in Calgary offering our clients excellent coverage in a wide array of legal services through our undying personal commitment to serve our clients and our community diligently



We currently offer our expert services in the following areas (and more)

  • Real Estate
  • Family & Matrimonial
  • Immigration & Refugee
  • Notary and Commissioning


We welcome new and walk-in clients, with or without appointments. On your first visit to the office, you are required to bring two pieces of picture ID (or at least one picture and one non-picture ID). In certain circumstances, three pieces of ID would be required, two of which must be picture IDs.


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Our team members, associates and affiliates are both Canadian and internationally trained lawyers, paralegals and legal assistants, with cognate legal practice and corporate practice experiences, spanning diverse Canadian and international jurisdictions. We tap into these vast resources and experiences to offer to our esteemed clients, high quality legal solutions that mostly exceed Canadian and international best practices.

We are multi-talented and multi-experienced lawyers. We are skillful solutions analysts and problem-solvers. Apart from our vast legal knowledge, we are also multi-skilled across such diverse fields as industrial and labour relations, human resources and human capital management, international law and diplomacy, humanitarian and refugee studies, banking, finance and investment, healthcare and addiction issues and marriage counselling, etc. We are thus able to understand where are clients are coming from and are more able to apply these diverse knowledge to think outside the box and provide them with far-reaching legal solutions that suit their situations.

You, the client, are the reason for our being! Everything we do is focussed on our delivering quick, convenient and efficient services to our esteemed clients, at low cost. We also partner with Legal Aid Alberta and Calgary Legal Guidance, to provide heavily subsidized and pro-bono legal services, respectively, to economically disadvantaged clients.

We are located in the heart of North East Calgary, with easy and convenient access, by every means of transport, from every part of Calgary. We have ample and free parking spaces and we provide services to our clients virtually all through the week at very convenient business hours. From Monday to Friday, our business hours are from 8.30am to 5.30pm. On Saturdays, we can also arrange to meet with our clients, at short notice upon request, from 12 noon to 5pm, at any location convenient to our clients.

By working closely with our clients, we guarantee attention to details and thrive on building meaningful relations with them, while adopting strategic approaches to providing high quality legal solutions to their varied situations.

We are down to earth and we live and work within our community. This way, we understand the needs of our clients and work with them to provide them with services and at a cost tailored specifically to their needs, within settings that they appreciate and in the languages they understand. Our team members are mostly multi-lingual, speak both Canadian official languages and some other international languages. We relate and interact with our clients with empathy, understanding and always strive to build camaraderie. For us, our clients are our families as we regard them as part of us and we, as part of them too.

“We have worked with Stanley law from the very beginning and with some of the key pioneers of the firm even longer!”